Jeti - RX Battery - Power Ion RB 2600 2S 1P


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Jeti Model Power Receiver Battery 2600mAh 2S 7.2V Li-Ion

Jeti Power-Ion are battery packs suitable to power the receiver and servos in the model.

The main advantages of Power-Ion are good mechanical damage resistance due to their metal cases. The cells are also well known for their long cycle life. No balancing is needed during charging or use, if the current draw is higher than 150A, the short circuit protection is activated, voltage protection is also activated if the charging voltage is higher than 5V per cell.

The Lithium Ion cells are functional at very low or very high temperatures (-10 - +60°C) which makes them ideal for model use. Each pack has two connection cables, one with the JR connector for charging and with one two-wire cable with the MPX connector for connection to the model or charging, both cables are the same length.

The Power-Ion are supplied with a plastic mount and are fastened in to this by a Velcro loop. This case is mounted to the model using anti-vibration rubber grommets and bolts supplied. Pay attention to correct placing of the brass washer. Its collar should be in contact with the assembly board to which the battery case is mounted to avoid squashing the grommet and losing the vibration damping. You can of course fit the battery pack in to a model without the mount if required

Technical data:

Capacity [mAh]:2600
Voltage [V]:7.2
Tension de fin de charge [V]:8.4
Longueur des câbles [mm]:135
Weight [g]:136 (avec boitier) / 110 (sans boitier)
Dimensions [mm]:104x47x32 (avec boitier) / 72x38x20 (sans boitier)
Discharge Current [A]:20
Short burst Discharge [A]:40
Max Charging Current [A] (avec connecteur MPX):4


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Jeti - RX Battery - Power Ion RB 2600 2S 1P

Jeti - RX Battery - Power Ion RB 2600 2S 1P

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